Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Week in Spain

Here is my room! It's small but comfy. 
Lately my desk has gotten a lot messier with all of my Spanish notes and homework and such.

It's been a little while since I've updated here. It's hard to believe that a week here in Spain has already gone by.

It hasn't taken too long to get accustomed to everything. I've gone to the beach a few times throughout the week, and every day after classes Mary and I come back to our apartment for lunch with our host mom.

We've explored town a little bit, and we even came across a bakery called La Exquisita that we instantly fell in love with. The desserts are delicious and the woman who works there is super nice and helpful when it comes to telling us all about what the food is made of and what tastes the best.

Even though I take my camera everywhere I haven't been taking too many pictures, though I'm trying to change that (without looking too much like an American tourist).

So far the weather has continued to be absolutely stunning! It's sunny and hot every day, but it's rarely humid. Today got a bit humid, but there always seems to be a decent breeze, and there are plenty of trees around our area to keep things cool. It looked really cloudy and rainy this morning, but there was no point in getting our hopes up... the sun came right out. This seems to be a great time of the year to be here though, and there are all kinds of  flowers absolutely everywhere.

Here is our ISA group! 
One girl is missing, but otherwise it's just the nine of us.
The girl on the left is my roommate, Mary. We usually spend a lot of time with Genesis (the girl to the left of me).

Also, our host mom's son came home yesterday! She seemed so excited for him to be back. His name is Santiago and he's absolutely adorable and really easy to understand.

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