Saturday, September 29, 2012

Catching Up: Feria de Málaga

Well my time in Málaga has come and gone but with how busy I've been and how shaky my access to Internet has been, I haven't had much time to sit down and blog about everything that's been happening.

Still, there are some things from Málaga that I didn't get the chance to talk about here, and I want to get a few posts down summarizing things before I continue on to my time in Granada.

Málaga's Feria happens once a year in August, so I was lucky enough to be there for it! It was a truly hectic time, and it lasted a full ten days. Everyone was always asking whether you preferred Feria by day or by night... and it was hard to decide, to be honest.

It began on a Saturday night in the middle of August (on the day of my host mom's birthday actually) with a bunch of fireworks down by the beach. The next morning there was a horse parade followed by the raising of the Spanish flag, and things got into full swing.

By day, the center of town was packed and absolutely crazy. So many women were dressed in such beautiful dresses:

It was quite difficult getting around the main streets in the center, and some of those streets were really large. There was just so many people, all out drinking and dancing and singing and shopping. It was actually pretty impressive how well the cleaning crews around Málaga kept everything clean. By day the streets were literally sticky with alcohol. They had a (very very sweet) white wine called Cartojal that they drank specifically during this time.

By night, most people took buses and taxis to go outside the city to a massive fairground. There were bars and clubs and restaurants everywhere, and to add to it there were roller coasters and all kinds of attractions. We went out there a few times and I think I preferred that. For as many people as there were, since the place was so huge it was a bit less crowded, and there was a lot more to do.

We even went on a huge ferris wheel - the view from at the top was so insane. It was hard to believe how big that area was!

It was a really fun time but it was also definitely exhausting. The Spanish drank so much and stayed up so late into the night, and it was tough to even try to keep up. There were plenty of people missing from classes throughout the week, especially the German kid in our class who couldn't seem to get enough of anything. But, I'm glad I was there for it!

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