Saturday, September 29, 2012

Catching Up: Final Pictures and Thoughts

I was not ready to leave Málaga and I still miss it, my host family, my roommate and the friends I made, the food, the weather... everything went by so quickly but it was a great experience and it definitely prepared me for my following semester in Granada. I feel a bit guilty for being so slow to update this, so here are some final pictures from Málaga that I really wanted to share here.

The courtyard at school, just outside of the classroom where I had all of my classes.

My class, with our first grammar teacher. Julian, Sandro, Mary, myself and Ayako (and Dustin is missing, he took the picture because he didn't want to be in it).

Mary and me at the front of the UM building on the last day of class.

Gen, Mary, myself and Bridget - our last night in Málaga together.

I had a great view out my window and was always taking pictures of the sunrises and sunsets.

There were a few ways to get from our apartment into the main part of Málaga, and this was one of my favorite ways.

This guy spoke French fluently and I regret not trying to practice speaking more with him. My mind has been so set in Spanish, and it was hard to decide whether to practice both of them or try to focus only on Spanish.

Down at the port - this reminds me a lot of the pathway that they have in Nice.

Jasmine flowers. They smell so good - there are tons growing in the south of Spain and they're treasured in Málaga (there was even a man selling porcelain Jasmine jewelry down at the port).

Another view of the port, when we took a boat ride around the coast. Málaga was like a paradise! The port especially was really pretty, and apparently they only just recently fixed it up.

All in all Málaga was an incredible and unforgettable success. It was the most hectic mix between studying and having fun that I've ever experienced. And for as much as I saw and did, I'm especially glad at how much Spanish I learned... I honestly wish I could study a month abroad like this every summer!

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