Saturday, October 6, 2012


Upon our arrival to Granada, everyone was finally divided up to go and be with their host families.
This time studying abroad, however, I decided to live in a residencia, which has basically turned out to be somewhat of a return to dorm life.

Because there have been multiple groups of ISA kids who seem to never stop arriving here in Granada, I'm not sure how many of us are in the residence, but it seems like it's around 15-20. There are tons of Spanish students here, and it's hard to tell (because some people here speak Spanish really well) but the number of international students seems to be pretty small in comparison. (I'll post some pictures and such of the residencia later on.)

On our first night were taken out by the Spanish students who have already been living at the residencia. They told us to wear pajamas, and when we all met up they drew N's on our foreheads (N for novato, the equivalent of Loser, basically), and then marched us around town. We had to sing songs as we walked, and if we were caught not singing, they drew on our faces more. Some of the guys also sprayed wine on the new students and it was a little bit traumatizing, haha.

The picture here is us ISA students who decided to attend! Although the girl in the middle is actually a Spanish student and a new arrival too... she wasn't very happy about all that was happening to us. (Luckily we at least avoided getting soaked with wine.)

The Spanish students dragged us across town to a popular place where university students like to hang out and drink before heading out to bars and clubs. When they were done with us they left us there to find our way back to the residencia... and of course we got a bit lost. It was an experience to say the least! In a way, I think those Spanish students probably considered it to be more humiliating to us than we felt it was... it was more silly than anything. Apparently this is standard Spanish initiation that students go through when they begin university life though! And indeed there have been plenty more groups that I've seen around town since then doing the same thing.

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